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Ideal for elderly realtives and parents with no PC experience

We believe that everybody should benefit from video calling, email, web search and others. For the majority of elderly people, due to the current complexity of both the computer and the Internet, that is not possible. SeeYouLink changes that. From the point of view of the older adult, even those who never used a computer before, have low vision or mild dementia, SeeYouLink is as simple as flicking on a light and touching the screen, ideal for an elderly realtive or parent.

SeeYouLink  Features

Audio/Video Calling and Conferencing

SeeYouLink enables face-to-face video communication with friends and family. The user touches a picture of a familiar face on the screen and in a moment they see each other and talk.


Our email is made easier to use and provides features to enhance your experience. Features like, adujsting the size of the text, having the email read to you as well as the option of recording a voice message rather than typing a response.

Web Search and Browsing

We have simplified browsing experience and made it safe by eliminating annoying popup messages and disabling prompts for malware installation.


With a click or a touch, SeeYouLink users stay informed with the latest world, national and local headlines, sports, health, entertainment news and more.

Family Photos

All the photos that the user receives through email and facebook can be easily saved to photo albums and viewed later. They can even be used as a screensaver and effectively turn their computer into a digital picture frame when not being used. The ability to see friendly and familiar faces daily has been proven to have positive effects to Alzheimer patients.

Home Videos

Access to home videos shared on YouTube.

Minimial Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Hardware: 2GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 500 Mb Hard Drive Space, Screen resolution min. 1024×768, 24bit color

Video Calling: Microphone, speakers and webcam and at least 2Mbps Internet connection

Recommended, but not Required: Touch screen computer


Natpoint are the exclusive distrubtuors of SeeYoulink products in the UK. For more information on SeeYouLink please visit SeeYouLink, call 020 8951 0050 or email

To watch a presentation – Click here

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Connecting elderly people with their friends and family

I have had the great pleasure of working with Natpoint recently. Michael and the team successfully solved and set up all our IT and
communication requirements in a building housing nine different organisations, 75 work stations.
The smooth transition into the building was down to Natpoint’s thoughtful, well planned and efficient work and support.
The icing on the cake is that they are very nice people to do business with

Penny Mayes, Project Manager for Free Word (